What We Do

Showtime Sound and Lighting specializes in providing high quality services and equipment for small to medium size events including live music performances, weddings, corporate functions, trade shows and conventions, dance competitions, public speaking, parties, band gigs and much more. We continuously focus on a very personalized level of service.

As of December 2016, Showtime Sound and Lighting wrapped up its 16th year of business in the event production industry. Our extensive and diverse experience helps put your event on the right track for success. We take pride in our professionalism and strive for the highest customer satisfaction rate.

Originally established as Professional Audio Service, a gradual expansion of our service menu led to the new name of Showtime Sound and Lighting. In addition to pro sound system rentals, our current list of event production services includes stage lighting, upscale event and architectural lighting, electrical power distribution, performance stages, backline equipment, live audio recording, video displays, and more. We also offer permanent system installations, equipment troubleshooting, repairs and freelance tech support.

Showtime Sound and Lighting is committed to providing a high level of value with the use of high quality equipment, professional knowledge and customer friendly services. With courteous and respectful business relations and eco-friendly energy consumption as our some of our highest priorities, we will maintain all of our high standards for all clients whether your event is large or small, a wedding or a concert or anything in between.

Meet the Owner

Showtime Sound and Lighting was established in December 1999 by veteran musician and sound engineer Jack Oliva as a source for any person, group or organization seeking quality event production services.

Since he first got his hands on the faders and knobs of a mixer while working with a friend’s band back in 1978, Jack has been hooked on live sound engineering. Given that he also played several instruments, it was only natural to combine his love of music with a newly discovered passion for audio engineering.

Jack spent many years studying the principles of live sound reinforcement and putting that knowledge to work as a freelance engineer. Eventually, his longtime desire to be one of the musicians on the stage led to forming his first real band with some friends in 1990. During that time, he accumulated the necessary sound equipment for the band’s live performances.

After several years of playing in different bands and constantly upgrading the sound equipment, it came to pass on New Year’s Eve of the year 2000 that he broke into the business of providing his knowledge, skills and equipment to people who needed this type of service. It was a memorable event as it was Y2K, and he would be wondering all through the evening if the power was going to go off at midnight on the company’s first gig. Fortunately, the power stayed on and the night turned into a success which has continued to this day.